Online Grocery Shopping & Delivery Options in Greater Hamilton Area


The Canadian grocery sector has long been considered a bit of a laggard compared to the U.S. when it comes to e-commerce and delivery services. That could change with Amazon's recent acquisition of Whole Foods.

Here's a look at what some Canadian grocers offer to time-strapped shoppers:

Grocery Gateway: Established in 1997, Grocery Gateway provides home delivery in the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Guelph and the Kitchener-Waterloo area. The delivery usually takes 24-48 hours and could easily be more depending on when the order is placed, thus, not providing a viable and reliable option for most people.

Loblaw: In the fall of 2014, Loblaw launched its click-and-collect program, where customers order their groceries online and collect them at a designated store. As of February, the program was available at about 100 locations. However, if someone has time to order online (which is a tedious process through their website) and then drive to the location, park, get inside and pickup groceries, I think they would prefer to just go and shop at the location physically. It doesn’t really serve any purpose.

Metro: Metro, which has stores in Ontario and Quebec, launched a similar service last October at three locations in Montreal. The grocer has said it plans to expand it as demand increases. We’re still waiting.

Walmart: The discount retailer offers a limited online grocery shopping service with an in-store pickup option in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area. It also provides delivery to three condos in Toronto. Again, similar issues as with Loblaw: just being able to place an order and pay online doesn’t help if a customer still needs to go to the location (wherever it is located) to pick up their groceries. Most would rather shop at the location if they must go there to pickup their orders anyway (and pay $5 for the service? What?!)

Thus, customers in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area desperately needs a viable online grocery shopping solution. A service that can reliably deliver the groceries within hours (not days!). has successfully filled in that space. It is the only online grocery and delivery service that delivers groceries same day (usually within 3 hours) at competitive prices. Place your orders online or via toll free number at 1-866-515-1925 and get your groceries delivered within hours for a mere $5 fee!

So far, delivers in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton & Grimsby.